Gourmet Fish Oil?

My naturopath has me taking fish oil for depression and joint pain. I had been taking the gelitin encased ones. But my naturopath says you don’t get. Much out of those and he has me on the real thing. One tablespoon straight from the bottle.

It isn’t as bad as I thought. It is a little fishy which is covered by the lemon flavor. I’ve actually kind of acquired a taste for it. In fact I want it to be more subtly infused with thyme. Or maybe rosemary. I think that freshly lemoned fish oil could be a hit in the kinds of restaurants that serve wheatgrass. I’m joking but I’m also serious. San Francisco, I’m looking at you. Let’s see some gourmet mercurey free omega-3s!

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I am 30 year old Brooklynite who was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma in February 2008. I started this blog after the first day of high dose Interferon chemotherapy in June 2008.

3 thoughts on “Gourmet Fish Oil?”

  1. my dad’s been doing the omega 3 thing for years and drinks it too- I haven’t been able to bring myself to try it because I hate fish and the idea of it in liquid form makes me want to gag.. maybe I would try it– with enough lemon flavor.

    let me know if you decide to go big with the flavors- I would be your first buyer.

  2. vegetarian times just had a big article about oils, etc. I think it was in not the current issue but the previous one. because fish oil isn’t veg, they discussed alternatives, and claimed that flax and some other veg oils are actually better for you, do more good, etc. I’ll send you the article. xo

  3. If we’re talking gourmet fish stuff, google colatura. It’s related to the ancient fermented fish sauce of the Romans.

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