Current Skin Conditions

Eye Eczema

Eye Eczema

My eyes flake and crack at the folds. This is a pretty average state of affairs. It is better at times, and worse at others. It goes up and down every few days. Normally this is treated with a steroidal cream, but I am not allowed to take steroids. So I just have to grease my eyes up as much as I can

Leg Lesions

I can’t seem to get a really good picture of how messed up my legs are. They look like I have been sleeping with some blood sucking insects. For weeks. They are just covered with these semi-open, semi-healed wounds. And I have scratching problems, so they keep being reopened.

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I am 30 year old Brooklynite who was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma in February 2008. I started this blog after the first day of high dose Interferon chemotherapy in June 2008.

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  1. I have that same thing on my eyes as we speak- I get it pretty much every winter and the ‘roids don’t touch it.

    I was recommended this vaseline type stuff called aquaphor by an internal medicine docotor- highly recommend it, its the only thing I found which works- it comes in a jar sort of thing and you can usually get it online at or via most rite-aid/duane reade sort of places

  2. i got a tube of it in my hands as we speak. it is made by eucerin. there is this other stuff i use by ucerin that only comes in a tub. i call it my “lard” because it is that *thick*

  3. oh the lard tub is the best seriously- i love that shit- if you put it on in the morning for a bit before leaving and then at night – and every night- usually it goes away in a few weeks.. but you have to keep applying even when it goes away– then I just switch to a few times a week.

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